MultiLine meters
Since parameter-specific data are stored in the heads of the IDS sensors, there is only one multi-device, since the sensor passes on all data important for the parameter during communication with the device The measuring instrument thus becomes a multi-parameter instrument that can manage up to three sensors depending on the number of input channels. The function of the meter is limited to the calibration routines, memory management, input and measured value display of the various IDS sensors. The high-quality IDS laboratory meter with its large colour display also has measuring routines for analogue ISE (with optional adapter) compared to the robust field-suitable IP 67 IDS handheld meter. The Multi 36x0 IDS handheld meters also have the option of controlling the OxiTop®-IDS system

The IDS System
A modern, expandable system for mobile measurement as well as for laboratory measurements of the parameters pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Expandable from the classic pH meter to modern, wireless data transmission and integration in LIMS. The IDS system enables step-by-step digitization in the laboratory.
MutliLine 3510 IDS MutliLine 3620 IDS MutliLine 3630 IDS
High-quality portable digital IDS multi-parameter
instrument with a universal measurement input for
starting with digital measurement technology
Digital measurement with two universal
measuring channels – pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen
and/or turbidity can be measured simultaneously
Measure three parameters simultaneously
– pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity
and/or turbidity with the digital pocket meter
Multi 3630 IDS
inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS
inoLab® benchtop devices offer the correct solution
for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and
conductivity measurements in the lab
Digital high performance multi-parameter device
with two inputs for pH, ISE, conductivity
and dissolved oxygen and comprehensive GLP functions
Digital high performance multi-parameter device
with three inputs for pH, ISE, conductivity and
dissolved oxygen and comprehensive GLP functions