METROLAB Quality Policy

Recognizing the need of a systematic and continuous effort to satisfy our customers’ needs, we decided in 2003 to install and operate a proper quality system, compatible with EN ISO 9001, aiming at:

  • Compliance with the demands set by our customers and the Greek and European law system

  • Continuous improvement of the quality characteristics of our products and services

  • Increased productivity and reliability in the operation of our company

  • Higher level of safety and hygiene for our employees

  • The lowest possible environmental impact from the operation of our company

The above actions have been included in a quality assurance system, written in an appropriate manual and relative work instructions.

The system is evaluated, reviewed, and improved according to the requirements of our customers, the current law and the business plans of the company. During reviews quality goals are set, which are quantified where this is possible.
The system was designed by experienced consultants and was certified by TUV HELLAS, first time in February 2004 and yearly ever after.
The system has been changed two times to adapt to the new standards: EN-ISO9001:2008 and very recently to  EN-ISO9001:2015.

From 2013 the company has been certified for  the sales of  InVitro Diagnostic products according to the Domestic law.

Download our current certificate in English.