We started in 1987 as an engineering enterprise. By the end of 1994 we turned to a trading enterprise, selling equipment for Analytical Chemistry and Biology laboratories.

In the first years we specialized in chromatography and microbiology. Gradually we increased our product range and today we are in a position to sell and fully support equipment for spectroscopy, electrochemistry, rheology and tablet testing, offering specialized services such as system integration, instrument calibration and validation etc.

We are selling to pharmaceutical, food, water & environment, petrochemical industry etc. and also to academy and research institutions.

We keep a large inventory of consumables and small instruments. We have our own delivery system so as to be able to deliver the goods at any point in broader Athens area within 48 hours from point of order.

We move on, continuously improving the quality of our products and services, so that we are able offer to our customers even more reliable and more productive solutions.