We have chosen to work with well known manufacturers or suppliers, that manufacture or supply high quality products.

The most important of them are:

THERMO Fisher Scientific   Charles River Laboratories  
  Lab Logistics Group
Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Trace Elemental Analysis systems   Endotoxing testing  
  Laboratory equipment
Avantor   Bellingham & Stanley   BERGHOF   Biotecon Diagnostics
Chromatography columns, consumables & peripherals   Refractometers, Polarimeters   Microwave Digestion, High Pressure Digestion vessels   Sample preparation, Real-time PCR & ELISA kits


  Flame photometers   Chromatography, Dissolution consumables   Tablet Dissolution Testing
Dr Maisch   GL Sciences   HTA   IDEXX
LC, LC/MS Columns   Chromatography columns, consumables & peripherals   Chromatography autosamplers   Water microbiology
IKA   Interscience   LGC Standards   Martin Christ
Magnetic Stirrers, Shaker, Dispersers, Rotary Evaporators, Calorimeters   Food Microbiology Equipment   Certified Reference Materials   Freeze dryers, Vacuum concentrators
MesaLabs   NanoTemper Technologies   Neogen   OI Analytical
Biological Indicators   Affinity Screening, Binding Affinity, Protein Stability & Aggregation & Particle Sizing, Expression Screening & Thermal Stability, Protein Quality   Culture Media   TOC analyzers
Peak Analysis & Automation   Serstech   SI Analytics   TOSOH
Automation & Robotic Systems   Handheld RAMAN spectrometers   Electrochemistry Equipment, Titrators, Viscometry   LC, LC/MS Columns
Trajan   VELP Scientifica   WTW   YMC Europe
Gas Chromatography Columns & Consumables, Syringes   Sample preparation, Solvent extraction, Fiber Analysis, Kjeldahl equipment   pH, conductivity, DO, multi-parameter, portable and bench-top instruments, water analysis photometers, BOD   LC, LC/MS Columns