The iCE 3000 Series AAS enables simple measurement of elements in a wide range of samples. The flame atomizer is ideal for the measurement of high concentration samples, whilst the furnace atomizer achieves sub ppb detection. The dual atomizer system with Stockdale optics incorporates advanced background correction with a unique quadline deuterium source and optional Zeeman correction to ensure accurate analysis.

iCE™ 3300 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer   iCE™ 3400 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer   iCE™ 3500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3300 AAS provides a complete elemental analysis solution incorporating simplicity and an innovative design to achieve superior performance. The iCE 3300 AAS makes even the most complicated analyses simple. The high precision, double beam optics provide unrivalled performance, unparalleled detection limits and exceptional optical stability. The innovative hardware design minimizes the footprint of the instrument and ensures that day-to-day analysis and maintenance is simple and minimal. Safety comes as standard with integrated hardware safety features and automatic MFC gas controls.   If your laboratory routinely requires ultra-sensitive detection limits from furnace analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3400 AAS is ideal. This dedicated single Graphite Furnace AAS with both Deuterium and Zeeman background correction offers superb performance and value for money.
Renowned Thermo Scientific™ SOLAAR™ software provides ultimate ease of use and analysis optimization; while our innovative Graphite Furnace Television (GFTV) gives a real time view of the cuvette as an aid to method development, ensuring accurate repeatable analysis.
  The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3500 AAS provides unrivalled performance, flexibility and simplicity. The innovative dual atomizer design enables safe, software-controlled switching between flame and furnace analysis with a single mirror movement. The high precision, double beam optics, combined with an Echelle monochromator produce low detection limits and long-term analytical stability. Unique Quadline deuterium background correction with guaranteed performance is provided as standard. The flame atomizer design incorporates a 50 mm titanium burner with improved solids capability to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your flame analysis. The furnace atomizer includes GFTV, a furnace vision system which improves efficiency and simplifies method development by providing a high definition, real time video of the inside of the cuvette.