Laboratory Meters for pH and ORP Applications
Whether you are looking for an accurate digital meter in the lab or in the field, we have the right instrument to meet your specific requirements.

High pH Measurement Performance

Portable pH meter solutions Sensors for pH, Conductivity,
Ion, DO and ORP Applications
With Reliability and Precision
Reproducibility and precision are a key priority in the lab.
METTLER TOLEDO offers benchtop pH meter measuring technologies that ensure optimal measurement
performance for a range of applications.
from METTLER TOLEDO are perfect for use in the laboratory, at-line and even in outdoor environments.
Engineered with you in mind, a robust and ergonomic
design allow for one-handed operation.
Accurate pH, conductivity, ion concentration,
dissolved oxygen and ORP measurements begin
with the right sensor. 
METTLER TOLEDO combines a history of trusted
technologies with innovation to guarantee performance and accuracy for any application.