HTA offers different models of autosamplers: for liquid, for headspace techniques and all-in-ones (liquid, headspace and SPME capabilities on the same instrument).
Top mounted on analyzers, save valuable bench space. HTA autosamplers fit every GC and GC-MS, every brand, oldest and newest models, by a dedicated interface: we assure maximum compatibility and top performances.


Standard liquid injection for GC and GC/MS analysis.

We offer the widest range of solutions available on the market. Our products will be able to satisfy all your requests: whether you have hundreds of samples to analyze, or just a few, we give you sample handling and injection capabilities that are best-in-class.

Our autosamplers can be installed on your analyzer, on the left or right side, depending on its configuration. With the same tower, in the most of the supported GC, it can inject on both injectors without any hardware changes.

Performance, reliability and ease of use are the reasons why our customers have choosen us for more than 20 years.


Find more information about the available autosampler models here.


Headspace samplers

Headspace gas chromatography (GC) is a technique used for the concentration and analysis of volatile organic compounds. Time, money, easy operation and ability to handle a large variety of sample matrices are main reasons to opt for headspace analysis.

HTA’s headspace autosamplers range from dedicated instruments to all-in-one autosamplers, able to carry headspace analysis besides automatic liquid sampling and SPME injection techniques.


Please visit this page where you can find the headspace sampler that better fits with your needs for headspace analysis.


Solid-Phase Microextraction samplers

If you use SPME technique in routine analysis, the use of an autosampler will lead to significant improvement in the reproducibility (thanks to the operation standardization) and to time savings: laboratory personnel is free from tedious and critical operations such as sample conditioning, sample absorption on the SPME fiber and fiber cleaning.

If you are going to use this technique in the next few years, a multi-purpose autosampler represents the ideal solution for you. In fact, thanks to its modular configuration, you can purchase the autosampler now and the SPME module even after; in this way you do not trash the investment in GC automation that you are going to do today.


Find more information about the available autosampler models here.