Distek, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical dissolution testing instruments, as well as an experienced provider of validation and qualification services. Founded by Gerald Brinker in 1976, Distek has grown to offer their innovation and support to companies worldwide. Their success is dependent upon Distek's employees, who bring their expertise, experience, and dedication to providing dissolution products and services of the finest quality. The company's commitment to excellence extends to the community, as Distek actively supports educational and research activities with donations of equipment and assistance. For technological advancements that offer reliable and consistent performance, the pharmaceutical industry trusts Distek.

  Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution Tester

Offering maximum flexibility and configurability, the Distek Model 2500 Select – Bathless Dissolution System succeeds three generations of patented bathless technology. A brilliant touch screen and unparalleled command of the instrument with electronic tracking of serialized stirring elements, qualification status and due dates and extensive reporting and method storage capabilities make this a robust and reliable system.

Bathless Heating
Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while heater jackets raise media temperatures from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes with a high temperature capability of up to 99oC.

Wireless In-Shaft Temperature Sensor
Patented wireless temperature sensors control and monitor the temperature.
Continuously monitor, display and record the in-vessel temperature for each vessel
Ensure and document temperature compliance throughout the entire dissolution test
Eliminate additional labor to measure actual temperature in vessels

Serialized Component Tracking
The Apparatus ID screen allows users to enter and track all serialized components including; paddles, baskets, basket adapters, shafts and vessels.

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  Eclipse 5300 Automated Dissolution Sampler

The Eclipse 5300 Automated Dissolution Sampler offers rapid, accurate sampling using precision syringe pumps. The elimination of valves and rotary pumps along with the optimized sample pathway with a minimal 4.5 mL internal volume increases reliability while reducing common sources of sample carryover. Adding a lower-cost ‘child’ sampler is a cost-effective way to sample from two baths. Each of the baths may run the same method or two different independent ones. The integrated optional filter changer enables the use of most common 25 mm syringe filters instead of requiring custom filter plates and also additional bench space.

No Valves or Rotary Pumps
The elimination of valves and rotary pumps along with the optimized sample pathway with a minimal internal volume of 4.5 mL increases reliability while eliminating and reducing common sources of sample carryover.

Rapid / Accurate Sampling
Precision syringe pumps and reduced sample pathway allows for rapid time point high precision collection. Unique fluid handling closely mimics manual sampling.

Optional Filter Changer
The optional, integrated filter changer uses readily available 25 mm syringe filters without the need for custom filter plates or additional bench space.

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  ezfill+ Dissolution Media Preparation station

Many of the main causes of OOS dissolution tests and qualification failures are related to media de-aeration and dispensing. The ezfill+, with method controlled automated de-aeration and dispensing, makes media preparation simple and error free. Reports that include method parameters and user information allow tracking your media preparation as part of a complete data integrity solution. All made possible on a stand-alone basis by a built-in controller using a brilliant touch screen. The unique compact design and optional mobile cart lets one easily move the unit from bath to bath, while the available remote dispensing nozzle allows directly filling vessels in place. The ezfill+ is compatible with most dissolution baths on the market.

Fast, Reliable & Consistent Results
In-line heating eliminates the time delay and wasted energy heating bulk media tanks. Combined with high vacuum for effective de-aeration and precise media volume delivery in approximately 90 seconds (Note: cycle time is volume and temperature dependent).

Built In Controller & Touch Screen
Enable running from stored methods and reports that include dispensing parameters and user information.

Variable Dispense Volumes & Temperature
User or method selectable volumes from 250 mL to 1000 mL with temperatures from ambient to 45°C. Also works with up to 2% surfactants.

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  Opt-Diss 410 In-Situ Fiber Optic UV Testing for Dissolution Testing

No more sampling! The Distek Opt-Diss 410 in-situ fiber optic UV system measures directly in the vessel, eliminating the need for conventional sampling, and with-it consumables like filters, tubing and syringes, saving time, labor, and money. Moving light rather than liquids also allows generating near real-time dissolution data and nearly limitless sample points as frequently as every five seconds.

Simple & Efficient Dissolution Testing
Truly automated data collection and analysis means start of test to a complete report only takes as long as the test itself, with no operator interaction required. And collecting data as fast as every 5 seconds is no more effort.

Multicomponent Analysis
Measure two components in the same dissolution test without the need for LC, including products with two APIs or interaction with excipients, coatings, capsules, or any other source of deviation of the UV spectra.

In-Situ Measurements
Keeping the science in the vessel!  The Opt-Diss 410 measures directly in the vessel, eliminating manual or automated sampling along with the associated consumables, labor and off-line analysis.
Choose from patented ARCH probes designed specifically for dissolution testing with negligible hydrodynamic effect
Or conventional dip probes with fixed or interchangeable pathlengths

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