GL Sciences GC Columns are designed and manufactured in Japan and offer the lowest bleed levels, the best inertness for acids/bases/mixed functional compounds, and the tightest column-to-column reproducibility.
We supply both capillary columns from very standard till very exclusive versions. Packed columns for gas chromatography are also produced in Japan, we have both Glass and SUS versions with many different packings.

Available capillary columns: 1MS, 1, 5MS/Sil, 5MS/NP, 5, Pesticides, 624, 1301, 25, 35, 1701, 17MS, 17, 210, 225, Pure-WAX, WAX, WAX-HT, FFAP and fast GC Columns.
Special Columns: Amines, CHIRAMIX, AQUATIC, AQUATIC-2, Pesticides
Other Columns: Tailor made columns. Columns with build-in Guard Column or Transfer Line and both.
Available packed columns: We can supply both glass and metal packed columns produced by our factory in Japan. There are so many different versions available, please contact us and give us information about your GC model, liquid phase, phase loading, on what support material, support mesh size, column material, column dimensions and aging or not.

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