Dr Maisch provide their own especially developed phases to cope with the increasing demand for new HPLC-columns, as well as the commonly accepted HPLC-phases already on the market.

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ReproSil-Pur   ReproSil Saphir   ReproSil XR   Reprospher
Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnical separations.
A robust modern and all-purpose ultra-high purity spherical silica media scalable from UPLC to prep.
Various pore sizes are available to cover applications for small molecules up to biomolecules.
State-of-the-art surface modification technologies are employed for normal and reversed phase media including shape selective, high carbon load as well as water wettable alkyl phases.
  Alternative to Luna C18
A low metal content spherical silica media scalable from sub-2-micron to 10 µm particles with high carbon load for small molecules and peptides and wide pore ion exchange media for protein and enzyme analysis and purification.
  Premium performance at exceptional value
An allround and fully scalable spherical Silica from 1.5 to 15 µm with an extra high purity.
The metal content is less than 100 ppb.
The silica impresses with its very narrow pore size distribution this make 99 % of the surface accessible for the separation.
The uniform bonded phase coverage translates to symmetrical peaks for acids/bases, and predictable reversed phase selectivity.
Because of its very low metal content it also impressed with a high pH stability.
  Your workhorse
Reprospher media are based on a 100 A ultrapure silica and are fully scalable from UPLC (1.9 µm particles) to preparative and process scale applications.
Among the offered phases there are some unique selectivities such as a wide range of aromatic specialty phases, phases with polar selectivities and unique phases for achiral SFC.