Autosampler vial innovations that solve sample handling challenges


Experiencing screw thread closure failures and/or sample evaporation?   Experiencing particulate background in high-sensitivity analyses?   Analyzing analytes that strongly adsorb on the glass surface or are sensitive to sample pH changes?   Just need a good, every day, reliable vial for high-throughput routine analysis at lower cost?

Use Thermo Scientific 2 mL SureStop Vials with AVCS Caps

Innovative screw cap & vial design
Ensures proper screw cap seal every time, independent of operator


Use Thermo Scientific MS Certified Vial Kits

Cleaned, tested, and certified
Reduces background particulates from vials
Enables high-sensitivity analyses


Use Thermo Scientific Inert Chromacol Gold Vials

Highest glass purity available
Lowest possible surface activity
Ultra-low adsorption and pH shift for ultra-trace analysis


Use Thermo Scientific 2mL Routine Vials & Caps

Balances quality and price
Selection of common vials used in routine analyses