LGC Standards offer a portfolio of 300,000+ reference materials and analytical standards, including ranges produced under ISO/IEC 17025 and accredited to ISO 17034. Our products are used to check the quality and metrological traceability of products, to validate analytical measurement methods, for research and development, and for the calibration of instruments. As the UK’s designated institute for chemical and bio-measurement, we use the most advanced analytical techniques to characterize our reference standards, so that you can rely on the scientific integrity of the data contained in your Certificate of Analysis. We also provide proficiency testing schemes accredited to ISO 17043 and used by more than 13,000 participant labs worldwide, as well as full spectrum outsourcing and custom solutions to meet all your analytical needs.

Research Tools   Pharmaceutical   Food and Beverage
Research tools used in biological and pharmaceutical research. From fine chemicals to biologicals, we cover the entire drug discovery and drug development pipeline to aid your research.   For decades we have supported the pharmaceutical community with more than 10,000 high-quality reference standards for pharmaceutical quality control from sources all over the world. Our quality enables your accuracy, helping you to create ever better, safer medicines: products in our Mikromol range of more than 5,000 pharmaceutical API, impurity and excipient reference standards each come with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis detailing the material’s characterization process, ensuring its suitability for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our dedicated analytical, synthesis and customer service teams go beyond the standard, and our depth of knowledge, decades of manufacturing experience and scientific excellence ensure your peace of mind.   Since 1975, we have led the way in providing pesticide reference standards. Today, our portfolio has expanded to adapt to changing regulations and technology, to support your need for high quality reference materials for your food, beverage and cannabis testing. Our portfolio stands apart from the crowd in its commitment to quality, producing to the highest standard and providing expert analytical support and documentation, so that you know you are receiving products you can trust.
Environmental   Forensic and Toxicology   Industrial
As a leading global provider of reference materials, we aim to support your environmental analytical testing to help ensure your results are reliable and fit for purpose. Our ever-evolving portfolio continues to expand and adapt to changing requirements and technology, with a portfolio of products devoted to crucial global regulations, alongside leading ranges of pesticide, aqueous inorganic and stable isotope labelled reference materials.   Whichever drug or metabolite you are analysing, we can provide the reference materials for all your clinical, forensic and sports testing needs.
We have solutions, powders and matrix materials, with analytes and at concentrations appropriate for you and your laboratory workflow. To help you source just the reference material you need, we bring together a unique and comprehensive range of standards for prescription drugs, drugs of abuse, new psychoactive substances (NPS), steroids/sports drugs, antibiotics, stable isotope labelled drugs, drug metabolites, alcohol standards, derivatizing reagents and phytochemicals.
  We have been supplying the industrial sector with premium quality reference materials and proficiency testing schemes for more than 35 years.