Charles River's Endosafe® systems simplify the bacterial endotoxin test. Flexible methods and platforms meet the needs of lab, regardless of sample volume or industry. With the ability to test raw materials, in-process samples, and final products, the simplistic Endosafe® cartridge technology increases technician efficiency and streamlines sample management by eliminating the variability associated with the daily reconstitution of the LAL reagent, preparation of endotoxin standards, and positive product controls. Every BET test system is backed by our skilled technical team who can provide training, maintenance, and support.

Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™   Endosafe® nexgen-MCS™   Endosafe® Nexus™   BioTek® Plate Readers

The Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ is a rapid, point-of-use handheld spectrophotometer that utilizes USP/BET-compliant disposable cartridges for precise, convenient, and real-time endotoxin testing.

  This multi-cartridge benchtop LAL test equipment addresses the need for higher sample throughput while utilizing the same FDA-licensed LAL cartridge technology as the Endosafe® nexgen-PTS. The Endosafe ® nexgen-MCS™ is proficient at concurrently testing up to five samples within 15 minutes for rapid, quantitative, and accurate endotoxin results.   The Endosafe® Nexus™ delivers rapid, quantitative results in a low-maintenance, high-precision package as the first fully automated robotic system which eliminates high-volume testing variables and unlocks the full potential of our Endosafe® cartridge technology.   We are able to provide an exceptional level of support for BioTek® endotoxin testing equipment due to our partnership with BioTek ®. In addition to selling the BioTek® ELX808IU™ reader, our technical support department qualifies the instrument for compatibility with Endoscan-V™ software and the LAL test.