Imaging & Microscopy


BioTek’s range of imaging and microscopy instrumentation automates image capture and analysis workflows, with a system to meet every budget.

Automated Cell Imagers

Lionheart™ Automated Microscopes bring your science to life, capturing spectacular images, z-stacks, montages and time lapse sequence with ease. With up to 100x magnification, and brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence channels, Lionheart Automated Microscopes support a wide range of microscopy workflows, including live cell imaging, incubation to 40°C, CO2/O2 control, humidity chamber available with Lionheart FX. Along with Gen5 Software, Lionheart enables Augmented Microscopy – automated image capture, processing and analysis to produce publication-ready images and data.

BioSpa Automated Live Cell Imaging System integrates Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader with BioSpa Automated Incubator to create a fully automated system for live cell analysis Liquid handling can be added to make it a fully automated system, from sample prep to image analysis.
Lionheart FX Automated Microscope
Lionheart LX Automated Microscope
BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System

Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers

Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers combine automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection in a modular, upgradable platform. This patent pending design provides rich phenotypic cellular information with well-based intensity data. Fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast and color brightfield imaging modes are available with Cytation. Upgradable multi-mode detection modules include fluorescence intensity, UV-Vis absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence polarization and time-resolved fluorescence and laser-based Alpha.

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader