PhotoLab 7100 - 7600 WTW

NEW Models - Proven and Pioneering 
The spectrophotometers photoLab® 7100 VIS and photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS combine routine analysis with spectral analysis and pioneering procedure OptRF.
The new reference beam optics together with a new brilliant colour display turn hard work into fun: clearly-arranged, color-coded, fast and comfortable.

Multi-wavelength and multi-step readings allow complex operations from chlorophyll to enzymatic analysis of standard parameters. 
Comprehensive user-defined programming options with intuitive operation expand the possibilities for many applications.

Pioneering measurement procedure „OptRF“ for COD, Nitrate and Nitrite
Routineanalysis with barcode recognition and automatic measurement range adaption for all cuvette sizes
Mighty AQS Tools
CIE-compliant and other colour measurement options with optional PC software package photoLab® color+Data spectral 
Faster than any digestion: Online-Technique transferred into Lab!
With photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS, the important parameters COD, Nitrate and Nitrite 
of municipal waste water samples from the outlet can be measured simply and directly via the optical reagent-free Measurement (OptRF) in the UV range. 
Pipette sample into cuvette, put them into the meter, read result! 
Handy way for retainer samples or a quick check without digestion: