Online Turbidity


On-line Turbidity Measurement using revolutionary technology:

Continuous turbidity measurement are of great importance in analytic measurement in modern wastewater treatment plants. 
Optical infrared scattered light sensors are established for online measurement of this measuring parameter in treatment plants.

With the VisoTurb® 700 IQ sensors, WTW presents a family of optical sensors for turbidity  measurement. 
These sensors incorporate a ultrasound cleaning system that guarantees low maintenance and long-term reliability of the sensors. 
Turbidity measurements in aqueous media with VisoTurb® are carried out nephelometrically in compliance with EN ISO 7027. 

Non-mechanical ultrasound cleaning
Low Maintenance
Factory Calibrated
Long-term stability (SensorCheck function)

Turbidity Measurement according to the Nephelometric Principle:
Using this principle, scattered light is measured at an angle of 90 degree. 
This method is ideal for low and medium range turbidity up to 4000 FNU. 
In compliance with EN 27027 and ISO 7027, infra red light with a wavelenght of 860 nm is used. 
This wavelength is outside of the visible range – thus potential coloration of the sample does not effect the measurements.