Online TSS / Total Suspended Solids


On-line Suspended Solids Measurement using revolutionary technology:

Continuous suspended solids measurement are of great importance in analytic measurement in modern wastewater treatment plants. 
Optical infrared scattered light sensors are established for online measurement of this measuring parameter in treatment plants.

With the ViSolid® 700 IQ sensors, WTW presents a family of optical sensors for suspended solids measurement. 
These sensors incorporate a ultrasound cleaning system that guarantees low maintenance and long-term reliability of the sensors. 
Solid matter measurement with ViSolid® is performed according to the principle of scattered light measurement.

Non-mechanical ultrasound cleaning
Low Maintenance
Factory Calibrated
Long-term stability (SensorCheck function)

Measuring Principle of Suspended Solids:
With increasing concentration of suspended solids, particles will interfere with each other. 
With this increasing number, not every particle is reached by the light source 
or the reflected light is not detected by the receiving device – thus incorrect values are measured. 
So the 90 degree scattered light method used for the turbidity measurement can only be used for lower concentrations.
For this reason WTW uses two methods of measurement – depending on the concentration. 
For lower concentrations, a scattered light method is used, in case of higher concentrations, the backscatter method is the better choice.