Xylem Analytics is a worldwide acting manufacturer of high-class meters and sensors for pH. For daily work, in the laboratory or in mobile applications precise benchtop meters or robust portable meters are available. A variety of sensors support reliable and secure results in different applications.

Easy-to-use portable conductivity meter ProfiLine Cond 3110

Reliable conductivity meter with automatic nIF temperature compensation according to DIN EN 27888 for routine measurements in natural waters and wastewater
- Automatic temperature compensation nlF
- Salinity measurement
- Easy operation (also with gloves)
- Robust and waterproof

Conductivity measurement without effort: the Cond 3110 is a robust and waterproof meter for portable conductivity measurement. A safe operation is ensured by automated functions, which reduces the number of keys on the keypad. Furthermore, this meter can be operated with gloves based on its silicone keypad with noticable key clicks. The Cond 3110 works with the TetraCon® 325 as well as with the KLE 325.


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Professional conductivity handheld meter ProfiLine Cond 3310

A combination of robust conductivity pocket meter and data logger for all who want to automatically capture and evaluate measured data with the help of a computer
Covers all standard and special measurements
Pure water measurement according to pharmacopeia
With built-in memory and data logger

The versatile Cond 3310 is designed for conductivity measurements in changing media with different 2 and 4 pole measuring cells. With its large memory and its waterproof USB interface, this meter is ideal for the capture of large data volumes, e.g. for groundwater pumping tests including date, time and ID number. Via the interface, the data can be transferred to the computer and processed as needed. The scope of delivery includes the MultiLab® Importer to collect data via Excel®.


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