Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions offers comprehensive Project Management services for our Monitoring Systems projects. Our Project Managers manage monitoring systems projects 100% of the time and we have been perfecting our project delivery for over 25 years. With dedicated Project Manager you can be sure your Monitoring Systems project will be delivered on time and within budget.

Apex series of Remote particle counters

Data Integrity, Data Availability, Environmental Compatibility
If the integrity of your data is mission critical as it is in GMP regulated industries, if risk mitigation of data errors and sensor failures matters to you, if you need to wipe down your sensors frequently or use VHP for room sterilization, the ApexR will delight you and become the solid foundation you need in a solid Environmental Monitoring Program.
Delivering the utmost data integrity, risk mitigation and environmental compatibility, the ApexR05 Remote Particle Counter is unmatched in the industry. Designed with enhanced self-diagnostics for risk mitigation, the ApexR05 provides you with the utmost confidence in your data. With its minimum detection of 0.5μm and a long-life laser diode sensor, the ApexR05 provides unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability. The sloped front face and optional sealed connection provides you with compatibility for decontamination processes including VHP. The ApexR05 stands alone in the industry and is truly best in class.

Find more information about the Apex series of Remote particle counters here.

LMS Pharma Real Time Monitoring System

LMS Pharma was designed with an ICON driven user interface which greatly simplifies the user experience.
Color coded status and unique shaped ICONS enhance the already intuitive user interface

Data at Your Fingertips
With LMS Pharma software, get data when, where and in the format you need it. Whether you are at your desk, or at any computer on your network, you can access all of the data you need.
View your data in multiple formats:
- Real Time Maps
- Real Time/Historical Graphs
- Real Time/Historical Data Tables

Find more information about the LMS Pharma Real Time Monitoring System here.