The real-time revolution!
ScanStation is a real-time incubator and colony counting station centralizing incubation, detection and counting of up to 300 Petri dishes simultaneously.

The ScanStation, incubator and automatic colony counter, integrated itself into different fields of application. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any protocol such as bioburden, challenge tests, counting and quality control. Real-time monitoring offers anticipated results for validation.

ScanStation 100   ScanStation 200   ScanStation 300
ScanStation 100 is a unit centralizing incubation, detection and counting of Petri dishes. Colonies are detected & counted as soon as they appear. Follow the growth curve of the colonies.
ScanStation 100 can accomodate up to 100 Petri dishes.
Capacity: up to 100 Petri dishes
Counting on pour plate, surface, Spiral, filtration membranes
Petri dish sizes: Ø 55 to 65 mm, Ø 90 mm
Accuracy of incubation temperature: ± 1°C
Reading time in between each dish: 30 min or 1 h
  Capacity: up to 200 Petri dishes   Capacity: up to 300 Petri dishes