Gravimetric dilutors   BagMixer Lab blenders

The DiluFlow gravimetric dilutor is used for microbiological analyses in the food, environmental industries and public institutes research. It is used for the preparation of samples before their quality analysis for the control of raw materials, the control of products in production and the control of the finished products.

DiluFlow Pro
DiluFlow Elite 1kg
DiluFlow Elite 5kg


The best preparation before microbiological analysis for all samples from 10 g to 400 g and enable optimal bacterial extraction in 30 to 60 seconds.

The BagMixer 400 CC  efficiently blends any type of sample, avoiding risk of cross- contamination. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags. The patented Click and Clean click-on paddles enable access directly to the blending chamber for deep cleaning.
Optimal blending volume: 50 - 400 mL
Variable speed: 4, 6, 8, 10 strokes / second
Variable blending time: 1 second - 1 hour or ∞ / count down
Click & Clean click-on paddles
Q-Tight closing

Dispensing Pumps   Automatic platers

FlexiPump are peristaltic dosing pumps that allow the distribution of culture media, agar, diluents and all types of liquids.

FlexiPump Pro


With easySpiral automatic platers and the Spiral method, increase your analyses capabilities while reducing sample processing time.

Easy spiral
Easy spiral Pro
EasySpiral Dilute