Whether you are working to achieve the next breakthrough in research or looking to have full confidence and precision in your QA/QC routine results, THERMO Scientific chromatography solutions can offer you a complete workflow solution.
Drive innovation, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence to deliver a maximum return on your investment. With the largest portfolio of chromatography instruments, software solutions, columns and consumables, we remain a steadfast and committed partner in your endeavor to improve the world around us.

Featured Chromatography products

Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC   TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler   Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS)
Double your throughput or deepen your sample knowledge using the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC, featuring a dual split sampler and two pumps, either as separate modules or combined in the dual pump. The dual liquid chromatography system has the same footprint as a single instrument, but contains two flow paths allowing you to run the same method on both flow paths or run two different methods simultaneously on the same instrument, improving your lab productivity, sample knowledge, and overall return on investment.   Expand automated capabilities beyond liquid, headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME) injections. The advanced, built-in robotics of the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler deliver exceptional precision, unprecedented sample handling flexibility, and reliable unattended operation. Accurate and repeatable sample preparation and introduction are essential to achieving the highest quality GC/GC-MS results. Automate the entire workflow, from standard dilution to injection, and improve the precision and reproducibility of your data, and your lab productivity.   Streamline your laboratory workflows using Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. Built with both the lab and IT in mind, this software delivers superior compliance tools, networking capabilities, instrument control, automation, data processing, and much more. It's a full enterprise solution designed for tracking, accountability, and QA/QC that is incredibly easy to use, with fewer mouse clicks, and more "right-first-time" results. It's also designed to scale globally and provide strong, reliable return on investment. Chromeleon 7.3 CDS is the bottom-line decision your lab will love you for.

Featured Chromatography categories

High Performance Liquid Chromatography   Gas Chromatography   Ion Chromatography
Built from the ground up, Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC instruments enable you to raise your productivity to the next level and give you confidence in your results.   Learn how Thermo Scientific gas chromatography instruments are designed to be customized, so they can fit any laboratory workflow.   Benefit from our expertise in ion chromatography. For over 40 years, Thermo Scientific has been a leader of ion chromatography instruments, perfecting instruments chemistries and applications for your needs today and in the future.