Cytation™ 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader combines automated digital upright and inverted widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading in a unique, patented design. The inverted microscopy module provides sample visualization from 1.25x to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield and color brightfield for a broad range of applications. The upright microscopy module with reflected light imaging enables even more applications such as ELISpot or fast slide scanning and ROI detection workflow.

• Multi-mode reading with sophisticated imaging
• Comprehensive imaging solution: fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, upright reflected brightfield
• Hit-picking; Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage
• ELISpot imaging with Cytation 7’s upright camera
• Powerful functionality with region of interest (ROI) identification feature
• Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity
• Micro-volume analysis with the Take3 plate
Typical Applications:
• 2D and 3D cell imaging and analysis • Biomarker quantification
• Cell proliferation • Drug discovery
• Cytotoxicity • Genetic analysis
• ELISpot imaging • Drug absorption and metabolism
• Slide scanning • Biologics drug discovery and
• ROI imaging development
• Colony counting • Envoronmental testing
• Label-free cell counting • Food safety
• Color brightfield imaging • Nucleid acid quantification
• Protein expression • Protein quantification