IQ Sensor Net WTW


The System 2020 - the modular solution

Up to 20 digital IQ sensors can be connected / USB-interface
Digital outputs PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP / Data logging
Optional modem connectivity via analog or GSM modem
System expansion with ease
Software updates with ease
The system 2020 of WTW for waste water treatment plants and industrial applications offers nearly unlimited opportunities. 

The System 2020 XT represents the perfect solution for these challenges:

It is designed fully modular and will “keep on growing” at the pace of your growing demand. 
This flexibility makes the system very appealing also for small, medium-sized, but also for larger sewage plants. 
Any conseivable application can be fulfilled including discharge measuring with the parameters turbidity, pH, conductivity and temperature, 
furthermore the control of nitrification/denitrificationand also complete sewage plant analytics being supported by one single system – 
at considerable low investment costs and highly economical operation – all accomplished by an easy to handle system.