Online Dissolved Oxygen

Optical 700 IQ sensor for dissolved oxygen

Calibration-free, reliable, DIN compliant 
the optical FDO® oxygen sensors for the IQ Sensor Net to regulate biological cleaning steps

FDO® sensors are the perfect solution for measuring dissolved oxygen. 
In addition to being free of calibration and flow, with their 45° membrane, 
they are also insensitive to air bubbles. 
Therefore, you will not require any additional installation equipment. 
The robust design of this sensors allows the use with an overpressure of up to 10 bar. 

The special membrane has a unique stability and thus ensures stable measured values.

The sea water model (FDO® 700 IQ SW) is optimized for use in special media: 
All wetted parts are made of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion.

No incident flow needed
Insensitive against bubbles
Low costs of ownership

Optical working D.O. sensor for the measuring and control of oxygen concentration in the biological cleaning process of wastewater plants, 
no flow required and H2S insensitive. 
Digital sensor for connecting to the IQ SENSOR NET.