PreSens (Germany) offers a broad range of sensor systems for end users in Biotech & Pharma, Life Sciences, Biological & Environmental Research, the Food & Beverage industry as well as other industrial and technical applications.

PreSens offers systems for:

  • Oxygen measurement in gases and liquids

  • Non-invasive online pH, CO2 and oxygen measurement

  • Oxygen and pH sensors for single-use bioreactors

  • Microsensors for pH and oxygen

  • Process control in shake flasks incl. biomass monitoring

  • Low-maintenance DO measurement for fermentation and bioreactor systems

  • Online oxygen and pH measurement in disposables like multiwell plates and plastic bags

  • Imaging solutions for 2D-mapping of oxygen-, pH-, and CO2-distributions


Optical Oxygen Measurements in Scientific & Industrial Applications

Oxygen is probably the most often monitored parameter in research and different industries, from assessing microbial activity, over determining the leak tightness of packages to oxygen monitoring in natural gas pipelines. With numerous sensor designs, different fiber optic meters and systems for highly parallelized measurements PreSens can deliver an optical oxygen measurement system for almost any application.

Optical pH Measurement for Academic and Industrial Applications

pH is an important parameter in research and different industries, from assessing culture conditions, over determining pH in tumor microenvironments to profiling applications in environmental studies. With various pH sensor designs, different fiber optic pH meters, special multi-parameter systems for highly parallelized measurements, or 2D pH imaging PreSens can offer an optical pH measurement solution for a multitude of applications.








Optical pCO2 Measurements in Most Different Applications


CO2 is an important parameter in research and industries, from assessing culture conditions to measuring pCO2 in sea water to investigate ocean acidification. With various CO2 sensor designs and a compact fiber optic CO2 meter, or 2-dimensional CO2 imaging PreSens can offer an optical CO2measurement solution for various applications.