Online Monitor PH / ORP / DO / COND / TURB

System 181 – the controller with one digital input

cost-effective IQ sensors with fixed cable, length 10m
for pH/ORP, Conductivity, O2 or Turbidity
power supply through wide range mains converter (100-240 VAC) or 24V alternative
with 2 analog outputs and 3 relays
For the parameters pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen or turbidity the new IQ-sensors with fixed cable are available. 
Thus, you get the established and proven WTW technology for low costs. 
Besides the power supply through a wide range mains converter (100-240 VAC) or 24 V,
2 current outputs and 3 relays are available.
IQ sensors with fixed cable – the sensors with the F

pH/ORP­: SensoLyt® 700 IQ F
Conductivity: TetraCon® 700 IQ F
Oxygen: TriOxmatic® 700 IQ F or FDO® 700 IQ F or FDO® 701 IQ F
Turbidity: VisoTurb® 700 IQ F