YMC-Triart is a hybrid silica material prepared from well-controlled particle formation technology which is adapted from micro-reactor technology. The recently developed production step results in truly narrow particle and pore size distributions! With YMC-Triart UHPLC/HPLC columns, wide pH ranges, high temperatures and even 100% H2O eluents are no longer a limitation to the day-to-day work in laboratories. Most importantly, due to its unique particle composition, a balanced hydrophobicity and silanol activity are achieved which makes YMC-Triart a “First Choice“ column in method development!

Easy Column Selection for Method Development
In method development choosing the correct column for an application really requires the consideration of several factors, which can influence the efficiency and selectivity of a separation including column hardware, support and surface chemistry. Do you want to make this decision on a sound scientific basis and not just use whatever column is on the instrument?
YMC now presents the Easy Column Selection Guide, which is based on the work of Tanaka.


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