From headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan, YMC has gradually and consistently matured to a level of international recognition, specifically within the pharmaceutical and biotech world, as one of the leading suppliers of analytical and process-scale silica-based stationary phases for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), preparative equipment, custom purification and method development.

Each YMC-Pack column is chromatographically tested to assure that plate count, peak symmetry and general column performance meet YMC’s high standard of quality. A column performance report is supplied with every packed column.
Each lot of YMC-Gel stationary phase is tested with a series of specific standard probes. These tests assure lot reproducibility and confirm applicability for the class of compounds for which the product is intended.

YMC-Triart C18 & YMC-Triart C8   Ultra Fast LC   The ProFamily   YMC-Pack ODS-A, ODS-AQ, ODS-AM, ODS-AL
Versatile hybrid silica based HPLC Column
  Ultra fast separations even with conventional HPLC equipment.
  Pharmaceutical research-oriented columns

YMC Chiral   YMC-BioPro IEX Columns   YMC SEC   YMC-Pack J'sphere
Chiral NEA(R)(S), Chiral CD BR and Sumichiral OA Columns
  YMC-BioPro QA/SP and YMC-BioPro QA-F/SP-F
  Size Exclusion Chromatography 
YMC-Pack Diol
  J'sphere H80, M80, L80