Monoclonal Antibodies
    MAbPac Protein A
Fast mAb titer analysis
MAbPac SEC-1
SEC column specifically designed for the high-resolution separation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their aggregates
MAbPac SCX-10
SCX column designed specifically for the high-resolution, high efficiency charged variant analysis of monoclonal antibodies and associated variants
Designed for separations of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and related biologics by hydrophobic interaction chromatography
      MAbPac HIC-10
MAbPac HIC-20
MAbPac HIC-Butyl

    MAbPac RP
High resolution accurate mass determination of monoclonal antibody variants, antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and proteins


    GlycanPac AXH-1
High-resolution columns for neutral and charged glycan analysis
GlycanPac AXR-1
Ultra-high resolution columns for neutral, charged and glycan isomer analysis
  Accucore Amide-HILIC

  Nucleic Acids
    DNAPac PA100
A strong anion exchange column developed to provide high-resolution analysis and purification of synthetic oligonucleotides
DNAPac PA200
A strong anion exchange column developed to provide the best resolution for analysis and purification of synthetic oligonucleotides
Reverse phase column specifically for analysis of oligonucleotides and double stranded (ds) DNA and RNA fragments

Proteins/ Peptides

    ProPac Ion Exchange
Weak and strong cation exchange columns with exceptionally high resolution and efficiency for separations of protein variants
ProPac HIC
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography columns for the high-resolution separation of proteins and peptides
  ProSwift/ PepSwift
    ProSwift Ion Exchange
Monolith IEX columns for high-resolution and fast protein analysis
ProSwift RP
Reversed-phase monolith columns that uniquely provide the advantages of high resolution at exceptionally high flow rates for fast protein separations and analysis
PepSwift RP
ProSwift Con A
    Accucore 150
Designed for the separation of peptides
Improved performance for peptides, proteins and biomolecules
Acclaim 300
High-resolution reversed-phase separation of proteins and peptides