As a leader in LC column technology including silica, polymer and porous graphitic carbon manufacturing, bonded phase production and column packing for over 35 years, you can rely on the quality of Thermo Scientific HPLC products. Here we showcase our latest and most comprehensive range of innovative columns, accessories and equipment for fast LC, analytical HPLC and biomolecule separations.

Hypersil GOLD   Accucore   Syncronis   Acclaim
Outstanding peak shape for your separations
  Ultimate core performance to maximize your investment.
  Consistent Reproducible Separations, Column after Column, Time after Time.
  Optimal selectivity through innovative chemistry

Hypercarb   Specialty Application LC Columns   BioLC Columns   IC Columns
100% porous graphitic carbon for extended separation capabilities
  Innovative chemistries
  Characterize the full diversity of biomolecules
  Wide portfolio of columns for a variety of applications