GL Sciences has been providing many kinds columns with combinations of different Silica gels and functional groups. 'InertSustain Series' are the latest development from GL Sciences, and 'Inertsil Series' are popular lines for many years in HPLC industry. Various separation mechanisms are available to fit for a wide range of applications. Our HPLC columns are manufactured under the strict control, assuring the quality of the product.


InertSustain C18


InertSustainSwift C18


Inertsil 4 Series

Highly inert and durable ODS column compatible with wide pH range   Achieving separations faster than ever before   Highly inert columns with moderate retentivity
Inertsil 3 Series     Inertsil 2 Series & Inertsil ODS    Titansphere TiO
 High inertness and retentivity    Well referenced in the scientific literature   An alternative material to Silica gel for HPLC