SGE offers a comprehensive GC capillary column range for almost any chromatographic application, providing the best possible combination of Performance, Robustness, Reproducibility, Low Bleed and Inertness.  Advanced technology ensures brilliant results every time. 

Five Decades of Capillary Column Innovation
SGE has a long history developing and producing GC capillary columns, with SGE’s founder Ernest Dawes first being involved making glass capillary columns in 1959. That expertise has been built upon with the development of leading capabilities in glass technology, polymer synthesis, surface chemistry and production processes all combined with an intimate knowledge of chromatography.
SGE develops and synthesizes specialty polymers leading to SGE being the first, and often only, capillary chromatography company to offer many types of GC stationary phases. SGE was the first to introduce the now industry standard silarylene phases in 1987 with their improved thermal stability, as well as SolGel in 1999 and the carborane phases in 1987.

End to End Capillary Column Manufacture
SGE has long been a manufacturer of GC capillary columns with the complete technology capability to produce the finest capillary columns from beginning to end, including the special requirements of producing the fused silica capillary tubing.
This end to end manufacturing capability allows SGE to control the fabrication process precisely to produce the fi nest quality capillary columns available.
The individual technologies SGE employs in GC capillary column manufacture are:
• Drawing of the precision fused silica capillary tubing.
• Developing and synthesizing the specialty polymer stationary phases.
• Performing the specialty chemical treatment of the fused silica surface so that it is inert and compatible for the cross-linked stationary phase.
• Coating and cross-linking the polymer stationary phase.
• Quality testing of every completed capillary column to rigorous standards.

SGE GC Capillary Column Phase Cross Reference Table


SGE Phase


Capillary Column to Replace


100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

DB-1, HP-1, Ultra-1, SPB-1, CP-Sil 5CB, RSL-150, RSL-160, Rtx®-1, ZB-1, CB-1, OV®-1, PE-1, 007-1(MS), SP-2100, SE-30, RH-1, CC-1, CP-Sil 5CB MS, VF-1ms, Petrocol DH


100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Petrocol DH, DB-Petro


100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

DB-HT Sim Dis, DB-2887, Rtx-2887, HP-1, Petrocol 2887, Petrocol EX2887


SolGel + 100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Unique highly inert phase


5% Phenyl Polysiloxane

DB-5, DB-5.625, Rtx-5, HP-5, Ultra-2, PTE-5, PB-5, MDN-5, CP-Sil 8CB, VB-5 & ZB-5


5% Phenyl Polysilphenylene-siloxane

DB-5, DB-5ms, HP-5, Ultra-2, Rtx®-5, Rtx-5Sil MS, Rtx 5MS, AT-5, AT-5MS, 007-5MS, SPB-5,CP-Sil 8CB, VF-5ms, RSL-200, CB-5, OV®-5, PE-5, 007-2(MPS-5), SE-52, SE-54, XTI-5, PTE-5, CC-5, RH-5ms, ZB-5


35% Phenyl Polysilphenylenesiloxane

DB-35, DB-35ms, Rtx-35, HP-35, HP-35MS, SPB-35, MDN-35, VB-50, ZB-35


35% Phenyl Polysilphenylenesiloxane

DB-608, Rtx-35, SPB-608


50% Phenyl Polysilphenylenesiloxane

OV-17, SP-2250, DB-17ms, DB-17ht, Rtx-50, SPB-50, HP-50+, HP-17, VB-50/608, ZB-50


5% Phenyl Polycarborane-siloxane

MXT-1 SimDist, HT-SimDist, DistCB, MXT-500


8% Phenyl Polycarborane-siloxane

No equivalent, unique high temperature capillary column with special selectivity (standard for PCB)


50% Cyanopropylphenyl Polysiloxane

HP-225, DB-225, Rtx-225

BP10 (1701)

14% Cyanopropylphenyl Polysiloxane

DB-1701, Rtx-1701, HP-1701, SPB-7, CP-Sil 19CB, VB-1701, ZB-1701

BP624, BPX-Volatiles

Cyanopropylphenyl Polysiloxane

DB-624, HP-VOC, Rtx Volatiles, Rtx 624, VOCOL, VB-624, ZB-624


70% Cyanopropyl Polysilphenylenesiloxane

DB-23, CP-Sil 88, VF-23ms, SP-2330, SP-2380, Rtx®-2330, 007-23, AT-Silar, PE-23


90% Cynopropyl Polysilphenylenesiloxane

Unique highly polar phase


Polyethylene Glycol (TPA treated)


BP20 (Wax)

Polyethylene Glycol

DB-Wax, Rtx-Wax, Stabilwax, HP20M, HP-Wax, HP-INNOWax, Supelcowax-10, AT-Wax, Nukol, CP Wax 2CB, VB-WAX, ZB-WAX


SolGel + Polyethylene Glycol

Unique highly inert phase


Permethylated Beta Cyclodextrin

Cyclodex-B, Rt-BDEXm