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Since our distributor owned group, CHROM4, started in 2011, we have focused on consumables for the chromatography industry.
After introducing Sample Handling (vials, caps, inserts, insert vials, as well as 96-well plates and their respective cap mats) we introduced our LC column line of products with respective LC consumables. The Quattro, silica based, column line has been well received and shortly our Isosceles fused core columns will be launched into the market.
We have now directed our expertise to develop a GC fused silica column and accessory line, to provide you with a complete LC/GC column and accessory program. Quality is our first and primary focus.
These fused silica columns are capable of performing a wide variety of separations on the most difficult samples and reproducibility is of course guaranteed. Our ChromGC phases are inert, thermally stable and very efficient.
The wide variety of phases helps you choose the right polarity for your analytes. We produce and test each column individually to guarantee our column-to-column reproducibility.
As our customer, you deserve excellent service, starting from the right phase for your application through swift and reliable delivery.
ChromGC, better chemistry for better separation.