Single Quadrupole Compact Mass Spectrometer for Liquid Sample 

The smartest mass spec designed just for Chemists!


YL9900 MS quickly provides essential information and improves the chemist's workflow. Modern organic labs have become automated, yet real-time mass assays remain just out of reach.

YL 9900 MS is the smartest instrument for performing a mass spec solution, if you are a biopharmaceutical company, academic teaching/research lab or any industry requiring mass assays.


Compact Size
High Performance
Ideal Design
Easy Operation
Fast Analysis

  • Developed by small molecule, peptide and natural product MS experts & chemists for chemists
  • ESI/ APCI ( switchable with minimal effort, optional installation)
  • Histogram functionality to get more precious picture
  • A fresh new perspective and an alternative to traditional MS products
  • Designed for In-Hood use
  • Fast answers in space-restricted labs