SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System
Reduce mobile phase consumption by up to 90%

Continuously monitors the output signal of the chromatographic detector, recycling the mobile phase to the solvent reservoir when the baseline is below a certain preset threshold
Easy-to-use software is provided to con¬figure system parameters, perform on-line monitoring and audit trail facilities
No power adapter is required as the solvent saver is powered directly from the chromatography data system PC through a USB connection
Recycles the mobile phase only if switched on: in case of power failure the valve remains in the waste position and the mobile phase in the reservoir remains uncontaminated
Analog input allows unipolar or bipolar operation of the device within a range of ±1V with an analog-to-digital converter
TTL/contact closure for the device can be con¬figured as start, auto-zero or valve position control input
Operational Principle
If the input signal level exceeds this threshold value, the SRS Pro redirects the eluent – flow to waste (a), taking account of the transport time from the detector to the switching valve
When the signal returns below the threshold (b), the SRS Pro again waits for the transport delay and then switches the mobile phase back to the reservoir
Autosampler injection marker connected to the SRS Pro zeroes signal input at the moment of injection