PAR-H2 / WM-H2 series

The PAR-H2 and WM-H2 series provide a higher purity grade of hydrogen and can be used for GC and GC/MS carrier gas application as well as ICP-MS reaction gas.
The PAR-H2 uses a single column dryer with programmable automatic regeneration via an integrated clever calendar.
The WM-H2 uses an exclusive double gas column dryer regeneration system thus eliminating all down time for maintenance that is typical of other systems on the market, guaranteeing the best hydrogen purity at all times.

GC-FID / NPD / FPD / TCD / GC-carrier gas / GC-MS / ICP-MS / collision cell / THA

Purity PAR-H2: 99.9999%, O2 < 0.1ppm, H2O < -70°C.
Purity WM-H2: 99.99999%, O2 < 0.1 ppm, H2O < -70°C.
No maintenance to replace the dessicant cartridge.
12 bar pressure available, 16 bar in option.

    LC-H2 / ND-H2 series

The LC-H2 and ND-H2 series are ideal for supplying hydrogen fuel gas to all known combustion detectors used routinely in GC and THA. These series use a desiccant cartridge which can be refill or replaced by a new one.


Purity: 99.9995%, O2 < 1ppm, H2O < -55°C.
7 bar pressure for LC-H2, 10 bar pressure for ND-H2.
Limited routine maintenance: Replacing / Regenerating of desiccant cartridge, water filter and deioniser bag.
H2 cartridge saturation sensor correlated with the flow produced.
Stackable with Zero Air generator – 2 solutions in 1! Forming a FID gas station.

    FID-H2 / AIR

The H2/AIR FID station combines the hydrogen serie LC-H2 and Zero air serie ZA generators in one unit; Hydrogen gas is produced from deionised water using a Proton Exchange Membrane Technology. Zero air is produced by purifying compressed air sourced from the air network to a total hydrocarbon concentration of < 0.05 ppm (measured as methane).


Purity FID-H2/AIR
99.9995%, H2O Dewpoint < -55°C, O2 < 1 ppm.
CH4 < 0.05 ppm.
CO < 0.05 ppm.
External clean and dry air compressor required at maxi. 7 bar.
Save space on the bench.

    RACK-H2 series

GC-FID / NPD / FPD/ TCD / THA and carrier gas

Two models available:
Simple column dryer located at the rear of the unit.
No desiccant cartridge maintenance is required: used a double column dryer with automatic regeneration.

Unique Features
Patented gas/water separator electronically controlled.
LCD touch screen showing in real time H
2 pressure, H2 flow rate, dessicant cartridge saturation %, water quality, water level, and status of the system with auto-diagnostic in case of alarms.
Canister filling mode in serie to fill a large canister with the pressure of 16 bar to allow to have a cartridge that can be used for portable GC in the field.
USB port available allowing the units to be connected to the PC in order to upgrade or train the user by internet.
Auto refill water tank in standard for most of the range.
Remote PC monitoring in standard via RS232 or RS485 to interface the unit with customer’s PC software.
Capabilities allowing to work in parallel mode.
Internal water tank level of 1,2L electronically controlled (when needed it is filled from external tank automatically by only a single tube).