Ultra high purity gas generators will improve your analysis

Quiet operation: no disruption to laboratory operations

Never run out of gas: low cost of ownership


No high pressure gas storage

Minimal stored gas
No cylinder handling
No hidden cost associated with piping connections, ordering, renting, delivering, servicing and maintaining cylinders

Common design and operator interface for H2

Common design and operator interface for N2
Easy to operate and maintain
With the facility to monitor times, maintenance tables and the operating log
Can be stacked vertically to reduce the foot print (H2/Zero Air)


Minimal attention and maintenance: quick and easy servicing

Diagnostics capabilities include audible and visual indicators
Quick paybacks, can be less than one year
Designed to integrate into any laboratory and complement scientific instrumentation

Free up laboratory floor space

    Hydrogen Generators
Using hydrogen as a GC carrier gas increases analysis speed and sensitivity when compared to helium and nitrogen.
When H2 is used as a carrier gas, as it requires lower elution temperatures and thus improves the column service life.


    Nitrogen Generators
Increased laboratory efficiency with a constant and guaranteed flow of instrument grade nitrogen: improved instrument stability and greater reproducibility of results.

    Zero Air Generators
The low and constant hydrocarbon content of zero air helps improve baseline stability of combustion detectors and reduces the frequency of recalibrations.