The i-Raman Prime is a high sensitivity and high throughput fully integrated Raman system with an embedded tablet computer and fiber optic probe sampling. Using a high quantum efficiency CCD array detector with deep cooling (-25°C) and high dynamic range, this portable Raman spectrometer delivers research-grade Raman capabilities including real-time quantitation and identification capabilities. The high throughput gives excellent signal to noise ratio making it possible to measure even the slightest Raman signals and detect subtle sample differences. The i-Raman Prime series features the unique combination of wide spectral coverage and high resolution, measuring down to 150 cm-1 to up to 3400cm-1, in a mobile design.
The i-Raman Prime can be battery operated for easy portability, giving research grade Raman capabilities for high precision qualitative and quantitative work wherever needed. The system is optimized for use with our STRaman® technology.

High quantum efficiency CCD array detector with ultra-deep cooling and high dynamic range combine with a high-throughput spectrometer giving excellent sensitivity to detect even low concentrations and samples with weak Raman signal. The high sensitivity gives high signal to noise ratio needed for biological systems. Shorter integration times are achievable due to high throughput, allowing for faster measurements as needed for process monitoring.
The fiber-optic probe based sampling gives the flexibility to make measurements in different positions for a range of sample sizes and forms. Our comprehensive package of sampling accessories including a video microscope, and lenses for stand-off measurements provide the utmost utility for Raman analysis in the lab and the field. The i-Raman Prime is compatible for use with our STRaman technology featuring see through measurement capabilities over a larger sample area.
The i-Raman Prime is a fully integrated system with a touchscreen tablet computer running touch-friendly software, providing material identification and real-time predictions.


Bioscience and Medical Diagnosis
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Raman Microscopy
Process Monitoring (PAT)
Forensic Analysis
Geological and Mineralogical Research
Materials Science Research

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