The award winning STRam™ unites a high throughput spectrometer, specialized sampling optics and advanced algorithms in a portable Raman system to deliver rapid material identification capabilities through a variety of barrier layers and packaging previously impenetrable with Raman. Using our patent–pending technology, the STRam can collect Raman signal generated underneath diffusive top layers to identify material inside even visually opaque barriers such as white plastic bottles, paper envelopes, tablet coatings, and more. This removes the need to open containers and come in contact with the material, thus maintaining package and sample integrity. The system design features a large sampling depth and sampling area and minimized power density, facilitating the measurement of samples that can be challenging for conventional focused Raman spectroscopy.

The system design enhances the signal at a greater depth, so samples inside opaque containers can be identified, without the signature of the top layers overwhelming the sample signature. The system combines a high-throughput spectrometer, a high-quantum-efficiency CCD array detector, specialized sample probe, and advanced identification algorithms.
The system provides versatility for see-though measurements through barriers, large sampling area, and low power density for measuring sensitive samples. Specialized adaptors can easily be attached for focused measurement directly on a sample. The STRam can be used for Raman analysis of samples, from those in packages to sensitive energetics or biological samples, and its large spot size gives greater reproducibility of heterogeneous sample measurements.
The STRam is a fully integrated system with a tablet computer running 21CFR part 11 compliant software for through-barrier layer material identification. With optional battery operation for easy portability, the system provides research-grade, high-sensitivity Raman capabilities wherever needed.


Through-Package Material Inspection
Customs and Logistics Package Inspection
Pharmaceutical Raw Material Identification
Narcotics Detection
Art and Archaeological Study
Bioscience and Medical Analysis
Forensic Analysis
Geological and Mineralogical Research
Material Science Research

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