B&W Tek’s Carbon Raman Analyzer (CRA) is a portable Raman system with 532nm laser excitation and a fiber optic sampling probe. The CRA is equipped with a high throughput spectrometer with back-thinned CCD TE-cooled to -25°C. It is ideal for materials in powdered forms, with no need for sample preparation. For easy, reproducible measurement, the CRA package includes a probe holder with an adjustable xyz stage and a Class 1 laser enclosure. No microscope is needed for the analysis. The BWSpec® software for data collection, spectral processing, and experimental set up configuration can be programmed to automatically calculate various parameters such as D- and G-band intensity ratios and G-band peak heights. BWSpec® can calculate and monitor up to six variables with real-time results displayed in a trend plot and a table simultaneously. With such ease of use, CRA allows graphene manufacturers to obtain at-line or on-line measurements for material characterization, product quality control, and process monitoring.

Portable Raman system with 532nm laser excitation
BWSpec® software with Timeline Experiment and Batch Re-Process configuration for automatic result and trend plot display
Class 1 laser enclosure
No microscope needed
Non-destructive analysis
No sample preparation

B&WTek: innovators in Portable Raman spectrometers