GBC manufactures a full range of atomic absorption sampling accessories to cover all analytical requirements. They can be fitted to any GBC AAS, except the SavantAA Zeeman. 

System 5000

The GBC System 5000 is an automated graphite furnace system which may be used with any GBC AAS and provides determination capability to sub-ppb concentrations for most elements. The furnace system includes the GF5000 graphite furnace power supply and workhead plus the PAL programmable automatic sample loader. The system is controlled by the AAS system software. 
Use ESV to watch your sample inject, dry, ash and even atomise during the furnace program. Method development has never been this easy. ESV comes standard with the SavantAA Zeeman and SavantAA Σ and is optional with the SavantAA. 

SDS-720 Delivery system & PS-720 Auto Dilutor

The SDS-720 is a precision engineered X-Y-Z autosampler. The SDS-720 provides accurate and fast analysis due to its durable, simple, adaptable, reliable and sturdy design. Supplied with sample racks to hold 240 sample vials each of approximately 14 mL and a standards rack to hold 10 standard vials each with a volume of approximately 50 mL. 
The SDS-720 is now 40% faster than the superseded model and provides unmatched productivity with full random access capability from a small footprint. 
A variable built in peristaltic pump provides trouble free continuous stream of clean rinse solution.
The PS-720 is used in combination with the SDS-720 auto-sampler, removing the need for manual standard and sample preparation and sample dilution for flame and hydride applications. Simple and reliable automation of standard additions and spike recovery, or sample matrix modification through the addition of up to two chemical modifier solutions provides hands-off operation and versatility. The ability to work in combination with Automatic Burner Rotation (ABR) extends the dynamic range beyond that of other dilution systems.


The HG3000 Hydride generator forms part of a complete hydride system which can be used in conjunction with any GBC AAS for trace level analysis of the hydride forming elements (arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, tellurium, tin, germanium and lead at parts per billion concentration level), and mercury by the cold vapour method. Detection limits of 1 ppb are routinely achievable. Typical sample throughput is around 60 samples per hour taking three replicate measurements, with a typical precision of 1%. 
The quartz cell used for hydride analysis can be heated by flame, or by the optional EHG3000 electric cell heater. The EHG3000 provides a temperature controlled electric heating blanket to heat the quartz cell, and includes power supply, temperature controller and workhead. The EHG3000 provides more accurate temperature control than is possible with flame heating.

MC-3000 Mercury Concentrator

The MC3000 mercury concentrator is used in conjunction with the HG3000 and adds parts per trillion capability to the hydride system for the analysis of mercury vapour, using a gold amalgam as the concentrating medium. The MC3000 consists of a power supply and workhead with built in gold foil trap and a quartz absorption cell. It is controlled by the AAS software, which provides programmable load time, number of replicates, flush time and clean. 

Atom Trap

Enhance sensitivity for certain elements using the GBC Atom Trap. The Atom Trap is a flame-heated quartz cell which is placed in the optical path. It enhances sensitivity by providing a longer residence time for the analyte in the excitation zone.