Tasks in analytical chemistry are manifold and complex. From simple routine analysis to challenging samples, microwave digestion systems need to deliver excellent results while ensuring a high degree of safety.
The powerful Speedwave Xpert is designed for complex digestion of difficult sample materials; its combination of sophisticated microwave design, high-quality materials and innovative sensor technology guarantees a high level of safety.


All the benefits at a glance
With an output power of 2000 watts, Speedwave Xpert is the true all-rounder.
Even the most difficult sample materials can be digested perfectly at high temperatures and pressures while innovative sensor technology ensures thorough reaction monitoring.

Powerful digestion
Optimised for digestion of the most demanding sample materials, the Speedwave Xpert is suitable for the following applications:
pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (samples with elevated fat content)
materials science (construction materials, ceramics, polymers, metals, alloys)
geology (minerals and rocks)
the environment (ash, contaminated soil, slag)
energy (coal, oils)

Sophisticated sensor technology
In addition to the patented speedwave® DIRC temperature sensor, the microwave also contains the speedwave® OPC pressure sensor. Contactless detection of vessel surface temperature — speedwave® OTC — includes an additional safety feature which monitors and increases the service life of the vessels: when a predefined temperature is exceeded, the device switches off automatically.

Intuitive operation
The unique top-loading design facilitates insertion and removal of the TFM™ PTFE digestion vessels; all reaction parameters are displayed and recorded in real time, and the extensive application database assists the user in selecting the right digestion program and is operable via mobile devices.