Especially in routine analysis, where large amounts of samples must be cost-effectively digested within tight time frames, there is a demand for microwave digestion systems that don’t need a lot of accessories.
Speedwave Entry perfectly matches with these requirements. By concentrating on what’s important, the system enables the best digestion results with the greatest possible safety.
The intelligent device concept speaks for itself: the integrated thermometer facilitates reliable reaction control without reference vessels, an additional exhaust system ensures greater safety and efficiency, and the illuminated oven chamber allows you to take a look behind the scenes. In combination with intuitive software, Speedwave Entry is easy to get to grips with and guarantees exceptional digestion quality.


Quick and easy to start: the high-quality TFMTM-PTFE digestion vessels consist of only three components and can be opened and closed manually without the need for special tools. The software offers a range of applications that are key in routine analysis, and can be started by only two key presses.

Optimised for improved safety: if the rupture disc breaks, the integrated gas collection system safely collects all nascent gases and discharges them without risk. Thanks to the constant evacuation of the oven chamber during operation, possible emissions are effectively removed.

Ideal for use in routine analysis: the compact, secure construction and ease of operation make this a flexible laboratory tool. Efficient and with high technical standards – the microwaves guarantee high-quality digestion at optimum capacity.