Patented optical procedure to measure the temperature and pressure of each individual sample guarantees active and dependable reaction monitoring. The sample material never comes into contact with sensors or probes. Complicated connection of sensors to sample vessels is totally eliminated.

Reproducible digestion processes thanks to homogeneous microwave distribution
Microwave digestion with active reaction monitoring
For the highest level of safety and ease of handling: "Swing Top" with electronic lid blocking
Stainless steel housing and PFA coating provides effectice protection against corrosion
Vent system prevents emissions and corrosion
Easy operation and documentation by control unit or external PC
The right pressure vessel for every application

Control system
The extremely rapid heating of samples in the microwave field coupled with occasionally induced spontaneous reactions necessitate very rapid reaction monitoring in order for digestion processes to be performed safely. Based on the contact-free sensor technology the microwave power will be controlled by the delay-free determined sample temperature and sample pressure. Only in this way can spontaneous reactions be effectively suppressed and a safe reaction progress be ensured.

speedwave DIRC
Contact-free and real-time temperature monitoring of each individual sample.
speedwave OPC
Contact-free and real-time pressure monitoring of each individual sample.

To both measuring procedures applies:
Not influenced by microwave radiation
All sensors and their circuits lie outside the microwave field
All sensor equipment in the oven chamber is completely chemically resistant
No sensors in the sample vessel and therefore no risk of contamination of the samples and no risk of sensor damage or wear as a result of frequent installation and removal
The sample chambers have no dead volume and are therefore easy to clean

During microwave pressure digestion, risks generally arise as a result of reactions going "out of control". The innovative sensor, control, and safety concept of the speedwave®four reduces these risks to a minimum, providing the highest possible level of safety in all operating conditions.

Durable, pressure-resistant PFA-coated stainless steel housing
Swiveling lid with electronic lock
3 interlock switches to monitor the swing top lid
3 excess temperature switches to monitor the oven chamber and the electronics
Temperature and pressure monitoring of all samples in real time
Shut down in case of critical operating conditions
Reliable rupture discs to provide protection in case of excess pressure  
Integrated gas collection system to effectively prevent emissions
Controlled release of residual pressure when the digestion vessels are opened