Berghof now looks back on over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of digestion systems for sample preparation in analytical chemistry. Berghof systems are characterised by their safety, ease of handling and innovative sensors.
Through the in-house manufacture of isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE, Berghof is well-positioned to be able to offer outstanding quality digestion vessels. These excel through their durability and unmatched safety.


speedwave Xpert


speedwave 4


speedwave Entry

The professional one
Powerful digestion of challenging samples.

  Unique, optical temperature
and pressure monitoring
of each individual sample
during Acid Digestion
  The efficient one
Ideal for routine analysis,
training and study.

Digestion vessels with guarantee

At Berghof, digestion vessels are part of device guarantee
All pressure vessels available are made out of isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE and are characterised by exceptionally high levels of purity and ease of use. The vessels consist of only three components and can be opened and closed manually without the need for special tools. The laborious assembly and centring of the rotor as well as connecting the sensors are a thing of the past.
That's why, at Berghof, the pressure vessels are not viewed as consumable materials, but rather are included under the device guarantee. This allows between €2,000 and €3,000 in costs to be saved each year.
Users also benefit from the durability of digestion vessels manufactured by Berghof. Depending on frequency of use and area of application, a lifetime of between three and five years can be expected.