Solid laboratory presses, developed and made in Germany by Maassen. Easy to press with the simple 2-step pump, so you don't need much power to get maximum pressure. All presses have a polycarbonate cover for protection purpose. Nearly no maintenance is needed.

limited way of the piston to avoid overload
compact size
made of stainless steel and high quality alumina parts
pressure limiter to avoid overload of the press
manual wheel at the right side for smooth pressure release (only for manual driven presses)
suitable for many different die sets

Optional features:
digital display with individually adjustable pressure limiter and/ or data interface
customizable with, for example, different pressure gauges, remote control (via cable) for motorized version, etc

Easy to use:
Using the manual press is really simple: after putting the prepared die set on the top of the piston, screw down the spindle to fix your die. The two step pump pushes the piston upwards - quickly as long as there is no load on the press and then easy for pressing up to 30 tons (depending on press and die set). With the hand valve at the side of the press, you can control the release of the pressure until the piston is back in his resting position.

The motorized versions makes handling quicker, so a high throughput of samples can easily be achieved.