UV-VIS - NIR - IR Sample Cells
Cells for use with all types of Spectrophotometers and Fluorimeters.

Λυχνιες ορατου - υπεριωδους

Deuterium Lamps for UV-Vis, AAS, and UV-Detectors for HPLC and colorimeters with different sizes, current and connection. 

Λυχνιες κοιλης καθοδου

High quality lamps for direct use in all AA Systems (GBC, THERMO, Agilent, Shimadzu, Hitachi). Long life time and intensity guaranteed.
2" Lamps for Perkin Elmer are all coded (uncoded 9 pin plug one request) and due to the larger cathode and increased gas volume inside, they are guaranteed to have a very long life time.

Σωληνες γραφιτη

The quality of your AAS graphite tubes is very important to get good results. This is why we only offer tubes made in Germany.