Microgen BIOCHEMICAL ID systems utilise microwell strips which hold 12 dehydrated substrates in each microwell strip.The substrates chosen have been selected by using computer analysis of all the available substrates for the identification of the target organisms.

All the MicrogenΤΜ BIOCHEMICAL ID systems have benefits common to all of the range:

All substrates are based on conventional methods.
Easy to inoculate.
Consistency in inoculum.
Utilise comprehensive analysis software for interpretation of results.
No assembly required.

The MicrogenTM BIOCHEMICAL ID systems are supported by the most comprehensive,powerful and easy-to-use, computerised identification system available.The combination of the appropriate MicrogenTM Biochemical ID System and the computerized identification system provides laboratories with a total package to meet their organism identification needs

The Microgen range of biochemical identification systems consists of: