Captivate™ is a range of antibody coated paramagnetic particles for the specific immunomagnetic separation (IMS) of microorganisms.

Purified antibodies to surface components of the target microorganism are covalently coupled to paramagnetic particles. Careful antibody selection produces a highly specific system designed for microbiological immunomagnetic separation of target bacteria from enrichment culture. IMS increases the sensitivity of the methodology and, in most circumstances, results are achieved 24 hours earlier than using standard protocols.

Offered as part of a standard range and as bespoke products, CaptivateTM bacterial immunomagnetic separation can also serve as a capture system for rapid detection systems

Wide range of Captivate:
Captivate™ O103
Captivate™ O104
Captivate™ O111
Captivate™ O121
Captivate™ O145
Captivate™ O157
Captivate™ O26
Captivate™ O45
Captivate™ O91